Our Programs

Our programs nurture, support, teach, and mentor youth through the steep ups and downs of adolescent life, and strongly encourage youth to do the same for each other.


Program Roots employs a multi-tiered approach to supporting youth that is responsive to students’ strengths and challenges over the course of six years, from seventh grade through high school graduation. Informed by students’ personal growth and unique developmental demands, Roots is continually evolving to build on student strengths and to support their needs through active and on-going engagement with adult mentors and community partners. Roots’ programming has been made possible through an award from the Lerner Foundation as part of the statewide initiative, Aspirations Incubator Program. The five educational components that form the pillars of Roots programming—community service, cultural awareness, environmental awareness, wilderness exploration, and adventure-based education—are designed to expose participating students to new experiences while integrating them into their community and preparing them for a successful future.

For more information call: Program Coordinator, Michaela Stone at (207) 406- 2365

Jump Start

Jump Start is an eight-week court diversion program for first time non-violent offenders, although referrals from teachers, parents, guidance counselors, and social workers are accepted. Designed to increase thoughtful decision making, self-awareness, and self-advocacy, teens complete the program with the understanding that although they may not be able to change their current circumstances; they can change their attitudes, beliefs and goals. With trained volunteer mentors and the support of other community members, each teen actively participates in facilitated, weekly group discussions and exercises that explore their strengths, challenges, values, impact on others, opportunities for growth, and goals for the future. Jump Start sessions are respectful and engaging as we consider many different perspectives. Through the twenty hours of community service required to complete the program students give back to others and make positive, new associations.

For more information call: Director of Programming, Dr. Sue Kingsland at (207) 406- 2365

EOS (Enrichment, Opportunity, and Support)

EOS (Enrichment, Opportunity, and Support) offers in-school and out-of-school enrichment opportunities to middle school youths and their families with the end goal of creating community, overcoming challenges, and building aspirations beyond middle and high school.

For more information call: Program Coordinator, Lucas Milardo at (207) 406- 2365

Fresh Start

Fresh Start, is a spin off of our Jump Start program which targets a younger youth population. While Fresh Start still allows older teens to participate, this program is designed specifically for first-time offending youth between the ages of 11-14. Fresh Start’s focus is hands-on-learning and giving within the community through service. Students work side-by-side with caring adults for 6.5 hours a week for a month. We are grateful to the Tedford Shelter, Avita of Brunswick and Small Point Summer School, our summer partners this year. They have helped us give students opportunities to learn how to work as a team, build trust, and make better, and more thoughtful decisions under the guidance of caring adults.

For more information call: Director of Programming, Dr. Sue Kingsland at (207) 406- 2365

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